Monday, December 28, 2015

Morgaine's Death: Saturday, December 26. 2015

Morgaine died at around 7:30 at the Garden State Veterinary Services.  She was put to sleep.
 She collapsed on Wednesday evening,  December 23, and we brought her to the Vets.  They did a blood test and found out that she was diabetic and had lost 1 1/2 lbs., going from about 5 lbs. to about 3 lbs., and was very dehydrated and had a bacterial infection.  They put her in the hospital overnight, giving her fluids, antibiotics, and a very small (because she was so small) amount of insulin, and an appetite stimulant because she wasn't eating.
We took her home the next day and started giving her the insulin shots, the antibiotics, and the appetite stimulant.  She slept a lot for the next few days.
On Saturday, December 26, she slept the whole day and didn't look good, so I called the after hours Vets (Garden State), and they told us to bring her right in.
They took her right away and did blood tests. (her blood sugar was over 700 (very high), she was severely dehydrated (John had been hand feeding her with the syringe left over from Ari's last illness and had only starting giving her water), and she was very sick.  They told us it would cost $3000 to treat her and even then, they couldn't promise that she'd live.  We didn't have the money, so it was decided that they'd put her to sleep. They put her to sleep at about 7:30 that night.
We took her body home in a box that they provided and opened it up at home to take last pictures of her (John took more the next day).  John buried her the next day near where Ari was buried.
That makes 2 out of our 3 cats dying in 1 year and now Cinnamon is also sick (he has a very bad cold and we're giving him the leftover antibiotics from Ari and Morgaine and the leftover appetite stimulant from Morgaine.
We both miss her very much.

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